Timing, how important can it be ?
  1. the choice, judgement, or control of when something should be done.
    “one of the secrets of cricket is good timing”
    • a particular point or period of time when something happens.
      plural noun: timings
      “the introduction of new signal timings”
    • (in an internal-combustion engine) the times when the valves open and close, and the time of the ignition spark, in relation to the movement of the piston in the cylinder.

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It has been said by many wise people that you should never rush in, especially when it comes to high price ticket items or life changing events.

Many people will argue with what they believe to be the most important aspect regarding real estate, it is no secret that location is paramount.

So if we have the right location with a beautiful aspect chances are you may have the perfect combination to purchase your dream piece of real estate.

The key factor is being able to afford this piece of real estate,it is often forgotten as we are usually looking to buy when everyone else is also in the market to buy.

So by now chances are that the penny has dropped and you have worked it out, buy when the market is subdued or depressed. Preparation and timing is everything, the market is subject to cycles and you need to be prepared and organised for when this time comes, finance may be difficult during these periods, this is your opportunity if you have been patient and well prepared, as in this case, pounce when the opportunity presents itself.

If your timing is out, chances are that you may never get that peice of real estate with the Location you have been dreaming of.



Timing is everything Mr & Mrs Wolf

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