What to look for and think about when buying the family home !



First things first when buying the family home, the basics are the most important and making sure that the home we are buying fits in comfortably with the home budget, secondly we have had all those inspection reports that tells us the home is safe for human habitat and we are aware of any of its faults, but what else should we be looking for and thinking about?.

Somethings that we tend to overlook, who will buy our home when we are ready to sell and will their requirements be similar to ours?. Chances are that their requirements will be similar, so what are they?.

Location, we are all up to speed on how important location is, but that doesn’t necessarily itemise all the requirements. The importance and requirements of your location may differ from other peoples requirements of a Location. Some people may have a higher value for homes that are on Beach Front or Water Front that meets their requirements, but they may be miles/kilometres away from the schools they wish to place their children in. Elderly people may choose to be closer to their Doctor of choice or a specific Medical Centre.

Statistics tell us that most people seeking to set up their family home are looking for Trendy locations,Close to desirable schools, within their budget, low crime rates, safety, peace of mind and quiet.They choose to live close to family and relatives,parks,shopping Centres, transport, a good climate and close to work. A major importance today is parents being close to children when also at work.They try to avoid noise,main roads, busy areas like Airports and Train Stations.

In the event that you are not too familiar with the suburb you are seeking to buy in, talk to several real estate agents that practice in your desired suburb, discuss with them any of your concerns that you may have. It is also good practice to walk and drive through on different days, also of evenings as this may present a different feeling of the surrounds.

Landscape, make sure that the home you are thinking of buying fits in with the surrounding landscapes, make sure it doesn’t stand out like a sore eye, this may safe guard you for a future sale. This means that the home is very similar to the other homes in the immediate area.



George Serghis

Property Consultant

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