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Negative Gearing is hot topic at the moment.  It’s a bit like a political ping pong ball going back and forth between the government and the opposition.   We are hearing news reports mostly bad on a daily basis and it can be overwhelming and confusing.  Negative Gearing is currently a buzz word and part of life for Australian Investors.

Best place to start is firstly understanding what “gearing” means; Gearing simply means borrowing money to buy an asset. In the case of property, you have taken out a loan to purchase a property.  For a more detailed definition click here to go to wikipedia

Your property can be negatively, positively and neutrally geared:

  • Negative gearing means that the interest you are paying on the loan is more than the income. As a result, you’re making a loss.
  • Positive gearing means that the interest you are paying on the loan is less than the income. As a result, you’re are making a profit.
  • Neutral gearing means that the interest you are paying on the loan is equal to the income.

With the help of George Serghis we are looking at giving you a basic understanding of what negative gearing is from a Real Estate point of view.

In this podcast George shares:

  • What a Negative Geared Property Is
  • Why Would You Buy a Negatively Geared Property?
  • The Two Main Risks Involved in Buying a Negatively Geared Property
  • What You Should Look for in an Investment Property
  • George’s Best Advice When You’re Looking for an Investment Property
  • How to Get Yourself Best Prepared Before You Buy Your Investment Property

If you’d like to know more or have a question for George, please find his contact details below:

W:   www.georgeserghis.com.au
E:     george@georgeserghis.com.au
M:   0455 411 282
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Question:  Do you currently have a negatively geared property or are you thinking of buying one? We love to hear about it, please comment below or on our Facebook Page!




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