This is certainly an interesting heading as it can refer to all industries. The truth being said it is all about your mindset.

20161104_124819A surprise visit to inspire.

Let’s look at a Sporting Champion, chances are they have been thru very difficult situations to achieve their results, they may have experienced a very difficult family matter moments before they need to perform to the best of their ability. In this situation they will need to put all this aside to go and play a Grand Final, Grand Slam or whatever the sporting event may be.

How do they separate themselves to perform like this at such a difficult time. Is it the training they do, day in day out, or do they simply not care.

A professional will practice many times under different climates and conditions to achieve the result they desire, the same may apply to the mothers and fathers that go to work and come home to perform again to support their families. It doesn’t matter how many times you practice if your mindset is not right.

Knowledge, Persistence, Tenacity and desire is what it will take to achieve your dreams no matter what they may be. In the event that you are struggling, never fear and seek to find Inspiration that will spear you to your success.

My inspirational moment was when South Africa (The Spring Box)  played New Zealand in the World Cup in 1995, New Zealand looked impossible to beat. Nelson Mandela made a surprise visit to his Country’s team while training and personally wished each and every player all the best and made it known to them their Country was behind them,their Country was depending on them and they needed a change, talk about a mountain of inspiration, what a Professional.



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