Seller’s Behaviour

Interesting enough that we mostly focus on the buyers once the property/home has come to market. There is a very interesting process taking place on the other side of the ledger prior to the property/home being offered for sale. It is not every day that the family home comes to market, there are usually circumstances that will force this issue and sometimes they are not pleasant. The most common reasons people will sell their most valuable asset may fall into the following categories, Transfer in Employment/ self employment, the house is too small now that the family has grown, the house is to big now that the kids have moved on, a member of the family has passed away, a family break up (divorce), an investment property now coming to market and financial difficulties, all of the above and some other reasons are why people go through the thinking of selling process.

Usually people think long and hard about selling their family home no matter what the reason. One thing is for sure that if the reason is financial, a good real estate agent will sense this sooner or later and should do all they can to assist the family with keeping their home if it is in their best interest.

George Serghis

Property Consultant

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