How secure do you and your family feel when you are inside your family home?

As a parent you want your children to feel safe and secure inside the home especially when the adults have stepped out or are at work. Unfortunately it does feel as if vandalism and break and entry are on the rise, the figures do fluctuate from suburb to suburb.

So what are the best things that we can do to prevent or lower the risk of this happening to our home and family.

Security Cameras and signs are a great deterrent and usually work very well along with secure fencing, the higher the better as criminals will look for a easier target. A panic button can be installed to the alarm , by setting off the alarm this will scare the intruder away, make sure all entry gates and windows have locks. This does not mean we need to make our homes look like jails, fencing in the home can add a particular style of class along with the security.


If there is a local Community Watch Group become known to the party and try to participate and encourage the neighbourhood in local awareness and safety.

This said does not mean we will escape the criminals,but it will make life harder for them, but above all it adds to the feeling of a secure home environment for the family.

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