Preparing Your Home For Sale

The following is a question that all home owners ask or have in mind of asking the estate agent while listing their home FOR SALE.
What should I do to our home to prepare it FOR SALE?
Of course this will depend on the current condition of the house as all homes are different, an experienced agent will have acquired the knowledge in knowing how to respond to such a question.
This is usually a time when home owners need reassurance and professional guidance from an experienced real estate agent.
With all things averaged out, usually a good Spring clean will make the world of difference, and if a touch up of paint is required here and there, that all makes good sense as well as cleaning all windows, gutters, yard and garden areas as well as removing all clutter.
It is always good practice to present your home as best as you can, irrespective if it is an older style home or new home.
Once you have discussed this matter and it is clear to the owner of what needs to be done, we then need to prepare legal documentation, this is prepared by your legal representative, usually a solicitor or conveyance firm.
It is always good practice that the home owner rings their solicitor and advises them of the sale that will take place, the real estate agent will prepare formal correspondence to advise of the sale.
In some cases it can take time to prepare a contract for the Sale of Land in NSW, this will depend on various things such as Council, Financial Institutions and the Water Board, usually 1 – 2 weeks at most.
Other reports that may be required and can slow the process down once a price has been negotiated are Building Reports, Pest Reports, Fire and Mine Subsidence Reports.
As the home owner you should be well prepared for these should anything arise.
Once the house is at its best, it is usually reasonably easy to keep it clean for those inspections, always make sure your agent is at the home before the buyers arrive.
Most people love pets, but it is best to keep them out of sight, and always make sure we don’t have any little accidents lying around.
It is illegal in the State of NSW for a real estate agent to refer, show or advertise residential real estate for sale with out a contract.
All the best with the sale of your home and the best of luck with your new home.