This is no surprise !

We are all familiar with the dilemma that we have with the current state of housing, in particular the leading States such as Sydney and Melbourne.

Why does this occur in particular to the above two cities?.

Well the argument is simple, population drives the market, as the market is fueled with more potential buyers seeking to establish themselves closer to employment opportunities and quality of lifestyle choices.

As we continue to encourage the urban sprawl governments need to be wiser. At the moment they are examining options overseas in particular England. 

Economists  argue various options such as tax relief for first home buyers and the Negative Gearing issue and foreign investors but none of these really have a long term strategy.

Everyone is entitled to a opinion and a vision but when we look at the urban sprawl this is not a sound economic solution when we need to think about Schools, Hospitals, Roads,Transport,Parks, Commercial Centres for retail, office and Industrial use.

High rise apartments are not for everyone, especially young families, so if the 500 – 600  m2 block of land in a new subdivision is not the absolute dream solution, what is ?.


These particular style of homes have character and charm, with today’s technology we can design an aesthetically beautiful suburb. You may ask what is the difference, yet here is the key to affordability and sustainability.

The land area does not need to be 500 – 600 m2 but rather a smarter eco 160 m2, you will be amazed at the style of home that can be developed on this lot size.

The best part about these properties is that they do not need to be a Strata Title, this allows more families to live in a more affordable environment.

Along the East Coast of Australia you will discover that some of the most luxurious and desirable homes are located in suburbs that feature Row Houses.

As illustrations above show that the old design of Terrace Housing has matured and now are sought after masterpieces.

State and Environment Planning authorities need to reconsider lot sizes and how they impact on the economy and the environment.



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