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In today’s real world one can be forgiven for basic mistakes and it is these basic mistakes that sometimes are life changing mistakes that we promise ourselves never to do again.

We are all now too familiar with getting on line and starting our research for no matter what the reason, this is not a bad thing actually it can be very educational but we need to be cautious and diligent and not believe everything we read.

So how do we pick the right real estate agent that will provide you with your needs and requirements with out making a major mistake.

Firstly it is best to start by searching for real estate agents that work in the immediate area and that their core business is in your area, that means they sell properties near yours.

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Once you have selected the most suitable ones read about their profile and see if you share anything in common such as local community works, Sports Clubs, local business, School activities or hobbies as an example, this will allow you to better understand their character and habits. The next step would be to see how active and professional they are within the community. Usually by now you will have arrived at two to three agents that you believe may be suitable. At this stage it is imperative that you meet these real estate agents so that you can now have a better understanding of them. You may say that this is similar to an interview as you are choosing the best equipped agent to represent you on marketing your property. Your initial first impressions of this person is very important, as you enter into the discussion of their experiences it is only natural that they will be as positive and at their brilliant best, focus on their ability to communicate with you and what you believe is their ability to communicate with others. This welcome and introduction between yourselves and the real estate agent can go on for up to ten to thirty minutes depending on the conversation, never lose focus of qualifying, questions such as why do you work in the industry, what enjoyment do you get from it, do you live locally, how long have you been in the industry and what is their vision for your property, as you ask these questions listen carefully as you may be surprised with what you may hear. A true professional would have come along well equipped to answer all these questions and more, they possibly would have done some research to leave with you that would demonstrate their professionalism.

After interviewing these real estate agents chances are that they will inspect your home, pay attention to their detail of your home and listen carefully for remarks that they may say even if it is a compliment or a detrimental remark as these remarks will come up with the buyers when the home is for sale.

Ask the real estate agent if they think the home needs any works to be done and if so would this improve the value and sale-ability of the home or are you better just to leave the home as it is.

Once the home has been inspected by all real estate agents and they come back with their Appraisal and Marketing Campaign this will also demonstrate their ability to impress with their reporting and technical support.

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They should be able to demonstrate their ability with marketing options such as Private Treaty or an Auction Campaign , negotiating and closing the sale of your home for the best possible result.

They should also be able to demonstrate Trust, Experience, Knowledge and posses technical resources.

Most properties will feature Open for Inspection times, qualify the real estate agent how these inspections will take place, what will the procedures be and how will the prospective purchases be greeted and records kept.


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Now do you remember when you first met each of these real estate agents, your initial thoughts and your final resolution.


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Realistically by now even before the real estate agents disclose their Marketing Campaign and Appraisal of your home chances are you have discussed this with your partner and you already have a favourite real estate agent, all you needed was confirmation that they are capable and responsible, if their presentation stacks up you will choose them even if they are not the cheapest on agency fees, this is very common. Real estate is all about people and their personalities, they just have to match and be capable.

Once you have identified the real estate agent of your choice you need to confirm all that has been agreed on in writing, this is usually in the form of a Real Estate Agency Agreement suitable for your State.


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