Kids and Teens


This is no surprise ! We are all familiar with the dilemma that we have with the current state of housing, in particular the leading States such as Sydney and Melbourne. Why does this occur in particular to the above two cities?. Well the argument is simple, population drives the market, as the market is […]

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This is certainly an interesting heading as it can refer to all industries. The truth being said it is all about your mindset. A surprise visit to inspire. Let’s look at a Sporting Champion, chances are they have been thru very difficult situations to achieve their results, they may have experienced a very difficult family […]

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CHOOSING A REAL ESTATE AGENT THAT YOU CAN TRUST   In today’s real world one can be forgiven for basic mistakes and it is these basic mistakes that sometimes are life changing mistakes that we promise ourselves never to do again. We are all now too familiar with getting on line and starting our research […]

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Valuation Method, Capitalisation Rate, part 2/3

Capitalisation Rate % Once again the following is a simple example and the illustration is only to recognise different versions of valuations, ALWAYS seek professional advise. This method is more than likely the most common and preferred method in relation to commercial real estate. Licensed valuers will apply this method to a particular property to […]

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What to look for and think about when buying the family home !

    First things first when buying the family home, the basics are the most important and making sure that the home we are buying fits in comfortably with the home budget, secondly we have had all those inspection reports that tells us the home is safe for human habitat and we are aware of […]

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Minimalist Look

Minimalist Look Thinking of a Minimalist Look These particular ensuites will project the sense of space, style and sophistication in areas that are quite small. The use of colour is usually minimal in a traditional minimalist ensuite. Design windows and mirrors will feature strongly, including a modern wall-mounted toilet and a modern vanity. The bath […]

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