As the world of communication evolves it is fare to assume that we all feel as if we are now smarter and wiser with information at our finger tips. This is an extremely dangerous period that we are entering into as we are all now moving faster. But beware of the basic rules that apply to business transactions, in particular when dealing with purchasing real estate.

Reality television and the internet are great for entertainment and education, but never apply those applications to your real life situation. In the real world it is more than fare to say that many experienced property professionals have made the mistake of paying way too much for a particular property for various different reasons, hence the chances of a novice property purchaser making the same error is highly likely.

The fundamentals and process of how we buy property has not changed that much, but the marketing strategies are dynamic and this is why we have posted Buyer Beware.

To reduce the risk of you experiencing a financial loss or disappointment always seek a third parties professional opinion, initially this may ad to the cost of acquisitions but may also save you from going under.

Property is an expensive commodity and not something we do every day, so therefor always proceed with caution, never rush and apply checks and balances.



George Serghis

Property Consultant

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