Difficulty Making an Offer ?

There are times when buyers are not comfortable making an offer on a property, and there are a few reasons why this may be the case. Usually speaking a buyer after inspecting a property that meets their needs will make the offer to a real estate agent acting on behalf of the owner. All people […]

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Property Outlook 2015-16, Australia

Outlook for 2015-16 financial year, Australia. So where have we been? Over the first 11 months of the 2014-15 financial year, combined capital city home values have risen by 7.5% according to the CoreLogic RP Data Home Value Index.  The Index is weighted based on the number of dwellings in each city and looking more […]

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Final Inspection

Earlier this week commencing the 22 June I had a friend who is about to take possession of their new home, they asked me should they do an inspection prior to settlement?. I understand that we are all busy in this fast lane world that we live in, how ever this is a very good […]

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Seller’s Behaviour

Interesting enough that we mostly focus on the buyers once the property/home has come to market. There is a very interesting process taking place on the other side of the ledger prior to the property/home being offered for sale. It is not every day that the family home comes to market, there are usually circumstances […]

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Buyer behaviour

As the above heading is part of our For your Information (FYI) box on our web site, I was recently asked can we elaborate on the topic, Buyer behaviour. Generally speaking in a real estate market there is a pool of buyers, these people go through a cycle as they enter the market. First of […]

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Solar Panels

The term Kerb appeal is gaining momentum in the USA, as news travels so quickly these days I am sure we will be discussing this matter here in the not so distant future. Kerb appeal refers to the visual appeal your home has from the street, its aesthetic scope. Do solar panels tamper with the […]

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