I’ve always been passionate about delivering quality customer service. At various companies I’ve owned and managed Customer Service has always been my first priority. This is why I have chosen to create Newcastle’s first Boutique Realty. Boutique means we are a Real Estate Agency serving a sophisticated and specialised clientele who expect 1st class service.

The experience I’ve gained over the past 20 odd years in the Real Estate Industry means I understand how to list properties to attract enough of the right buyers and maximise the return for the vendor. The experience I’ve gained in my 50 odd years in life means I know how to treat people on both sides of the transaction with respect and courtesy.

The fact I fell in love with Valentine over 25 years ago and have lived here ever since means I sell Valentine  with unquestionable enthusiasm and passion. I comprehend what it has done for my family and what it can do for the potential buyers family too.

My other areas of expertise are in the commercial cycle of real estate, recognising areas of improvement within the commercial, industrial and retail sector. 

The sales and leasing of commercial grade real estate require expertise and it is my pleasure that we can offer this to our clients.

So if you are interested in selling your property with someone who can deliver on all of your service requirements and not just the sale price then request one of our state of the art Core Logic Property Reports before you make any decisions to list with George.

Thank you for taking the time to consider George Serghis Boutique Realty.